What does the releva.nz plugin do?

In short: The plugin automatically takes over all the technically necessary tasks for dynamic retargeting and establishes a connection to our Adserver & Bidder.

The releva.nz retargeting plugin essentially performs the following tasks:

1. Pixel integration
For dynamic retargeting, it is inevitable that the entire webshop is pixelated so that we can tag & analyse the visitors. Our releva.nz plugin takes care of the complete pixel integration on all levels: Home page, product & category pages, shopping cart as well as the demarking pixel on the order completion page. At the same time, a conversion pixel is integrated on the checkout page so that we can store the sales incl. shopping cart amount and products sold.

2. Product catalogue
For the automatic, dynamic creation of retargeting ads, we need a product catalogue of the respective online shop with all necessary data: Product image, product name, product description, product ID and price. The plugin takes care of this automatically as well, providing releva.nz with the data.

3. Statistics in the backend
You can see data & live statistics directly in your releva.nz account, and at the same time you can adjust the daily budget directly from your account.