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Shopify Installation

Install releva.nz plugin for Shopify

Install the plugin via the Shopify App Store

1. Access the releva.nz app in the Shopify App Store:: Click here

2. Confirm with a click on "Add app"


3. Click on "Install app"


4. Click on "Confirm subscription"


5. In your Shopify backend / login, go to "releva.nz" under Apps, click on "Settings" and click once on "Update templates". Then copy the checkout snippet completely from "{" to "}":


6. In your Shopify backend / login, go to "Checkout" under "Settings" and copy the previously copied "Checkout snippet" into the "Additional scripts" / "Order status page" section and click on "Save" at the top

Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 11.42.52

Done. In your dashboard under "Apps" => "releva.nz" you can now see all relevant statistics for your retargeting campaign.