How can I change my daily budget as a Shopify user?

In short: open the app in the Shopify backend, enter your daily budget and confirm.

Once you have installed and set up the app in your Shopify shop, you can adjust the daily ad budget for your campaign and change it at any time. To complete this, open the app dashboard in your Shopify backend. In the “Daily budget” field, you can enter your budget. 


IMPORTANT: Each new budget increase must be confirmed once in the Shopify backend. After entering the budget, a pop-up window will open:

Bildschirm_foto 2023-01-27 um 17-07-22-png-1

Click on the "Continue" button and confirm the change with the "Approve" button.


Bildschirm_foto 2023-01-27 um 17-07-56-png-1


PLEASE NOTE: If you do not confirm the budget change in the app, your campaign will be paused automatically.