For which shop systems is our plugin available?

Our plugin for dynamic retargeting is available for the most commonly used shop systems in Europe.

We are constantly working on our technology and our plugin. Currently, our plugin is available for the most widely used shop systems in Europe. And we are of course in the process of developing more.

You can find a complete overview incl. functions & installation instructions on our website in the header menu under "Shop systems".


The following is an up-to-date list:

Shopware Retargeting Plugin

WooCommerce Retargeting Plugin

JTL Shop Retargeting Plugin

xt:Commerce Retargeting Plugin

Plentyshop Retargeting Plugin

Gambio Retargeting Plugin

Gambio Cloud Retargeting Plugin

Oxid eShop Retargeting Plugin

PrestaShop Retargeting Plugin

Magento Retargeting Plugin

Modified Shop Retargeting Plugin

Shopify Retargeting Plugin

ePages Retargeting Plugin

Wix Retargeting Plugin