Can I also use my own advertising material?

Yes, starting with our business plan, you can also use your own advertising material.

You have your own, special advertising material that you would rather use than our dynamic, product-based banners? No problem: In the Business & Expert plan it is also possible to use your own advertising material. 

In your account under the advanced settings you can upload your ads yourself. You can log in here:

What speaks for own advertising material?
If you are organizing an exceptional promotion, i.e. a discount campaign, a lottery, or similar, it can make sense to use these advertising materials to draw your visitors' attention to this promotion.

What speaks against own advertising material?
Basically, dynamic, product-related advertising materials are the better choice: After all, our technology marks exactly which categories & products your visitors have looked at and thus also what they were interested in. In our product-based ads, we then display exactly the products that your visitors were most interested in. Experiences, analyses & evaluations show that dynamic, product-related advertising materials have the highest click-through rate and at the same time are most likely to result in a purchase.