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Install releva.nz plugin for xt:Commerce

If you haven't created a releva.nz account yet, please register first: Register here for free

Install the releva.nz plugin via xt:Commerce store

1.1 Download the plugin in the xt:Commerce Plugin-Store: Click here

1.2. Now unzip the plugin and upload the folder xt_releva_nz via FTP client to the /plugin folder of your store directory.

1.3. After that open in the admin area of your store the menu item "Plugins > uninstalled plugins".

1.4. Search in the list for our plugin tfm_relevanz and click on the installation icon.

1.5. After confirming the installation, you should see a report of the executed routines, with the message:

"Installation successful, you can now configure the module under Plugins -> Installed Plugins".

1.6. Open in the menu "Plugins -> installed plugins" and select "Edit" at the plugin tfm_relevanz.


1.7 You have now the possibility to activate the plugin with the option "Status"(1. in screenshot) for your xt:Commerce installation, but after that, you have to activate the plugin for the respective client (option: "Activate for client"), in which you want to use the plugin.

1.8 Before you confirm the activation by clicking on "Save" or "Apply", please enter the API-Key(2.) in the option of the same name. The API key can be found after registration in your releva.nz account on the home page (tab SHOPS), you can log in here

Leave the field "User ID/Campaign-ID" (3.) empty, so that the plugin automatically stores a value.

1.9 The plugin has automatically prepared an export of the product data for you during the installation, this is done automatically every night at 2:30 am. The time at which the export takes place should not overlap with other exports, if necessary, you adjust the time in the xt:Commerce cronjob manager.

1.10. If you want to make adjustments in the export, you can also do this in the export manager:

Note: For multishop installations, you may need to create a copy of the export and adjust the file name of the output file.

2.0 If you would like to start the export immediately to complete the setup, this is no problem, but you would have to start the export of the product data once manually (4).

We will now create dynamic retargeting ads with your product data. Shortly after, we'll get started and you'll see the first ad impressions in your store backend.

DSGVO (General Data Protection Regulation): Accept cookies only with consent

The releva.nz retargeting plugin also supports the DSGVO-compliant "Cookie Notice" function: This means that (marketing) cookies are only set if the visitor to the online store has explicitly agreed to this. More information & the setup can be found at our partner: 4tfm.de

Info about system requirements:
Compatible with php 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0
Compatible with xt:Commerce in versions 4.1.00, 4.1.10, 4.2.00, 5.0.x