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What are the costs?

After the 30-day trial period, a monthly basic fee is charged - depending on the chosen plan. In addition, there are the media costs for the display of the adverts.

Trial period

There are no costs for the basic fee during the 30-day trial period. In addition to the basic fee for the selected plan, we will also cover the media costs for the display of ads in the amount of €30. The voucher will be deducted automatically. If the ad budget of €30 is exceeded, you will be charged for these costs. 



After the 30-day trial period has expired, a monthly basic fee will be charged for the plan you have selected. The respective basic fee varies depending on the selected plan and can be viewed on our website HERE

You can change your plan at any time directly in your releva.nz account under the "Account" tab.

Media costs

In addition to the monthly basic fee, there are also media costs.

The media costs are incurred through the media buy (banner placements) on the websites where your adverts are displayed. The media costs vary and are not fixed costs. 

You can set the maximum daily budget at any time in the releva.nz app  or in your external login. The amount entered under — Daily budget — is therefore the maximum amount that will be used daily for your ad delivery. 

All prices are net and do not include statutory VAT. There are no further costs.