What is the optimal daily budget?

This article explains the optimal daily retargeting budget for your campaign.

The special feature of retargeting campaigns

With retargeting, only visitors who have previously visited your online shop and not made a purchase are targeted again with ads. Accordingly, the maximum budget is already limited by the number of visitors to your shop. 

The optimal budget: the rule of thumb
By limiting the number of retargeting tags (= visitors to the online shop), we initially recommend 1 euro per 100 visitors / day.

As soon as the campaign has started and the releva.nz algorithm has analysed the visitors for a few days, our system continuously calculates an optimal budget based on various factors.

Expert tip
An online shop usually has visitor fluctuations, which are caused by various factors. Certain product ranges sell better on weekdays, others on weekends. In addition, (marketing) campaigns can lead to increased fluctuations. 

For this reason, we recommend - so that the daily budget is sufficient for retargeting all non-buyers at all times - a higher budget rather than too low a budget: after all, only webshop visitors can be retargeted anyway and the releva.nz algorithm ensures performance-orientated advertising delivery so that no budget is wasted.