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How can I start the free 30-day trial period?

In short: complete releva.nz registration, install the releva.nz plugin in your shop and set it up

1. You have to register in a simple & uncomplicated way and go through the registration steps. You can register HERE

To successfully complete the registration process, you need to enter your email address, plan, customer and billing data, your shop domain and the shop system. 

You can find information about our plans here

>> If you have cancelled your registration process, you can log in here at any time with your account e-mail address and complete the missing steps:

releva.nz Login 


2. After you have completed the registration, you must install the releva.nz plugin in your shop:

— You can find the right installation guide for your shop software in our Help Centre under the Installation guides tab

— You can find the releva.nz plugin for your shop system in the respective store or directly in the respective installation guide


3. After installing the plugin, you will be asked to enter an API key (except for Shopify, ePages, Wix).

You can find the API key generated for your shop in your releva.nz account on the start page (SHOPS tab).  You can copy the API key from your account with one click and paste it into the plugin.


Then the free retargeting trial can begin!
The retargeting campaign will go live as soon as we can ensure an undisturbed plugin connection between your shop and our system.

Please note that it can take up to 3 days after successful setup before the first ads are displayed, as a sufficient number of shop visitors must first be marked.