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JTL-Shop 4 Installation

Install releva.nz plugin for JTL-Shop 4

If you haven't created a releva.nz account yet, please register first: Register here for free

You are looking for the installation guide for JTL 5? You can find it here!


Install releva.nz plugin for JTL-Shop 4

You install the plugin like any other JTL shop plugin via "Plugin administration".


1.1 Download the releva.nz plugin as a zip file to your local computer |  DOWNLOAD HERE

1.2 Log in to your shop backend and go to the plugin administration via the Plugins menu.

1.3 Go to the Upload item there.

1.4 Upload the zip-file from your computer.

1.5 You will then see the plugin you have just uploaded under the heading Available plugins.

1.6 Mark the plugin (tick) and click on [Install].

1.7 If further settings are necessary, please follow the respective plugin instructions.


2. Plugin Configuration

2.1 Open the plugin in the shop backend:

2.2 Select the "Options" tab:

2.3 Store your API key:

You will find the API key after your registration in the releva.nz account under the SHOPS-tab. You can log in here

2.4 The scripts are played directly and you always have the statistics in the plugin dashboard at a glance:


3. Create export format

The releva.nz system requires the product data for the creation of dynamic ads.

3.1 You can find the export format under "System" --> "Export formats":

In order to keep the export format up to date, you must create a schedule for this export format in the task planner.

3.2 Go to "System" --> "Task Planner":

3.3 Plan a new task --> "Create new planning":

3.4 Select via "Export formats" --> relevanz (plugin):

3.5 Select "Create new plan":


4. Cookie Consent

You use a cookie consent tool? Open relevanz retargeting via plugins. Under the Cookie Solutions tab, you can select and save the cookie consent tool you use.