How do I create a hyperlocal campaign?

How can I create and customise a hyperlocal campaign.

Create a campaign

Creating a campaign is quick. Navigate to the advanced configuration in your account and click on the "Add campaign" button. Select "Hyperlocal" as the type and confirm this.

Now you can optionally name your campaign and set the daily budget. Of course, you also have to configure your creatives. You can read how to do this in the following FAQ:

Manage locations

Now we come to the heart of your campaign, managing your locations.

Add location

Initially the locations part looks like this:


You can add a new location via “Add now” or the Plus Icon at the top right.

Now enter the desired address. You will already get recommendations while you enter. Once you are shown the correct address, just click on it. Otherwise you could also confirm by hitting the enter button.


You can adjust the radius you would like to advertise around by moving the slider or entering the radius (in meter) directly. The circle will automatically adjust based on your configuration.

Name and Description are optional and are just for your information.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-03 um 18.01.50

Once you’re fine with your configuration, hit the Save button.

That’s it and you’re all done!


Updating / Deleting a location

Once you have added a location, you can easily update and delete those

On the left side, you find a list of all your locations. Just click on the location on the left and the map is going to center and select your pin. Click on the gear icon in the bubble to edit your location.

You can move the location on the map with the mouse by dragging the pin. Also you could adjust description and radius. Confirm the changes by hitting the Save button.

If you would like to remove the location, just hit the red button. You’re going to be asked for confirmation before the deletion actually happens.


Adding more than one location

If you’re on the Business plan or higher, you’re able to add more than one location. Just hit the + icon at the top right to add additional locations