How do I configure my ads?

You can customize ads directly in your account

The ads will be created for you automatically, but you can personalize and customize the design at any time.

To customize your ads, log in to with your login details and click on "Advanced configuration" in the bottom-right corner of your shop overview.

As a Shopify customer, you can access your account directly from your Shopify backend. It is also possible to log in to your account directly from our website, see here:

Here you can find the Creative Configuration:

Ad Preview:
You can preview your different ads at any time.
(Currently there are four different sizes, displayed in - pixel width x pixel height).
To see the changes directly, first click on "Save". 

Currently, you can choose from two different templates - "Design 1" & "Design 2 (with Intro)".


Custom logo:
Here you can upload your logo. If you have selected the template "Design 2", make sure that you upload your logo as .png with transparent background. logo:
By default, a small logo is built into the ads, which you can hide here. This feature is available from our Business plan.

Show price:
The prices will be automatically inserted from the product catalog together with the product images in your ads, if you do not want to display the prices on the banners, remove the check mark here.

Show promo price:
If you have set promo prices for certain products in the product catalog, you can display them for the corresponding items by setting the check mark here.

Text font:

Here you can customize the font.


Please note: The product catalog updates automatically at regular intervals.
If you have updated your prices or images and do not see the changes immediately, wait 24 hours or contact our support if you need it faster:




Button background:
Here you can change the background color of the button

Button text:
Here you can change the text color of the button

Here, you can set how the text or background color of the button should change on mouseover.

Button Call-To-Action: 
Here, you can customize the text for the button.  

Change colors: To adjust the color of the banner to your shop, you can enter the HEX code directly in the text field. Click on the color to open the advanced color settings, where you can alternatively enter the RGB or HSL color values, or select a color using the eyedropper, for example.
(Clicking on RGB/HLS/HEX will change your color profile).


Extra settings for template "Design 2"

The template "Design 2" starts with an intro, where there is space for your logo and a text area for your claim



Konfigurator-Animation-2 (2)


Brand background:

In the template "Design 2" you can customize the background on which your logo will be displayed. (After the intro)

Intro claim background:
Here, you can change the background color of the text slide with your slogan.

Intro logo background:

 Here, you can change the background color of the 1st intro slide with your logo.

Text color:
Here you can change the text color of the text slide with your slogan.

Intro text size (px):
Here, you can change the text size of the text slide with your slogan

Intro claim:
Here you can add your claim. 


The intro can be switched off.