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What happens during the free 30-day trial period?

Our system marks & analyses the visitors to your online shop, classifies them and displays personalised ads on external websites to shop visitors with a high purchasing interest

The full power of the releva.nz system comes into play during the free 30-day trial period:

We tag and analyse all visitors to your online shop. We collect a lot of information, e.g. about the categories and products viewed, products placed in the shopping basket and much more. If a visitor to your online shop then leaves your online shop without having made a purchase, he will be retargeted with personalised product-based ads on third-party sites. As soon as a visitor clicks on the advert and makes a purchase in your online shop, this sale will appear in your releva.nz statistics. 

Even during the trial period, you can see exactly how many ad impressions, clicks, and sales were generated per day with your visitor numbers and the respective daily budget.

In addition to display and video retargeting, you can also create a hyperlocal and a branding campaign. You can find more information HERE


During the first 30 days from the start of the retargeting campaign, we will cover the basic fee and give you an additional €30 ad budget for the ad delivery. The credit will be charged automatically. If the ad budget of €30 is exceeded during the first 30 days, you will be charged for these costs.